A woman getting lip injections (model)

Whether you’re a 20-something who wants plumper lips for Instagram posts or someone whose lips are thinning with age, lip injections using dermal fillers at our Eugene, OR, practice remain one of the most popular med spa treatments we offer.

A wide variety of dermal filler options give Hillary Jewell, our board-certified nurse injector, the opportunity to completely customize each patient’s lip filler treatment to match their specific goals and concerns. That may be sharpening the contour of the lip, balancing lip asymmetry or proportion, restoring volume, or adding smoothing subtle cracks.

Even though lip injections are more popular than ever, many patients aren’t exactly sure about the fillers used for lip augmentation or how they work. You can test your knowledge with this brief true/false quiz.

After taking the quiz, you can request a consultation at our med spa to talk about your treatment options with Hillary. You can also call us at (541) 683-3238 to schedule an appointment.

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